ONE BOX… ONE GRIFF PULL!! (lucky opening.. sort off..)

Publicado em 31 Jul 2021
Brawl Stars Epic Brawler Griff Pull From One Brawl Box? | BenTimm1
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Today we open 1 box from ALL of my Brawl Stars accounts to see if we can pull Griff from One Box!!! After we gem over 500 Brawl Pass Tiers to see what Brawler Pulls we get from those!

0:00 - Intro
0:22 - One Box One Griff Tries
3:34 - Opening 500+ Brawl Pass Tiers
4:19 - Griff Openings!
7:50 - Best Brawler Pull of the Video!!
10:05 - Recap of Gemming and Wallet Crying

Remember to use code 'BT1' in the Brawl and Clash Shop!
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  • I got grif on a bid box🙂

  • Me regalas una cuenta donde tengas a mortis

  • Me: pulled a crow

  • I have got 43 brawlers so far and i have been playing for almost a year ... Without spending a single penny 😜

  • O just opened a championschip brawl box and i gpt the griff

  • him pulling griff me noticing he got griff at 5 boxes:YO WTF

  • You just got mr p out of a brawl box wow

  • Always Pam gadget

  • I open one big box and a got griff but I have 1 epic brawler



  • 7:09 random Rosa voice line Nani?!

  • I got him in small box

  • I got Griff unexpected ;-;

  • I got griff today

  • On my first acont


  • I opened a mega box and got a 8… 2 starpowers and one gadget 😑 😞

  • Use code bt1 because he spends the most out of every one in tribe

  • Hiii

  • #swaggybentimm1

  • I have not even pulled a single legendary brawler and I have crossed 19000 trophies

  • Who also pulled griff on their first box just after he came out.

  • Yn fact i have f2p luck i got griff on my first mega after ge release lol (19000 trophy mega)

  • I got mortis and surge together then a hour later I got coronle ruff so got Bea and then my final box I got griff

  • 35/49 brawlers😣😭😭

  • I have Griff

  • I found a random called "CODE BT1"

  • Code is bt1

  • I just got him

  • I got him in a big box simple the thing i did is waiting!

  • I got griff in brawl box

  • Trust me I am Way more lucky than you think dude 😬

  • Bro I really want squeak and I have 25 brawlers

  • Ilitterly griff came out I open a megabox griff inside guess im lucky

  • I got Griff in one brawl box Yes I am luckyest

  • him getting brawlers makes me wanna play brawl stars open some boxes but after 1 sec i relise my luck is trash

  • I got lucky

  • I got griff

  • I got Griff out of a mega box ONLY 5 ITEMS AND PULLED HIM

  • When griff came out I open 1 box and I got Rico and griff

  • pls 1 acc😣😣😣

  • I got when he was just relesed and I opened 1 big box and got griff

  • I got griff the day he was released in boxes and I'm F2P

  • Not joking, first Mega box on the Brawl Pass, Griff!! 😮😮😮


  • Aand me getting him in my first mega box ♪┏(・o・)┛♪

  • should i tell him there was an epic offer for griff after that day?

  • Tim: I have spent 1200$ for griff. I: Unlocked Griff Gratis form chest I: Oh, Griff, you can conserve my 1200$?

  • Thank you bt1 for gave me nani

  • I opened Griff in a brawl box not even trying 🤨🤨

  • please see video in fin and fun gameplay

  • i got griff in big box

  • I got griff and pams 2nd gadget out of a 5 mega box????? how is that possible

  • When we code bt1 its fake oj its real

  • I got griff on the first day on the last box Edit: it was a mega box

  • 4:40 you mean buzz?

  • I got Griff in the first box I opened and it was the first box I opened that day lol and it was a brawl box

  • Code bt1 : so good code i just unboxed at this seazon 5 brawler!

  • 5:12 your cat is so cuteee!!!

  • I'm always lucky I got last time lou then the next mega box then got ruffs

  • i got very luckY i got griff


  • I got Griff in brawl box

  • I got really lucky instead of pulling a Griff I got a bella, Squeak,and Edgar's star power.

  • Oh my little friend

  • 1 day after griff came out I got him!

  • Insanity

  • I open only one mega box of tier 65 and got griff

  • Listen man instead of geming you could just use null brawl lol

  • i really like when your gemings dont work you look funny

  • I opened one brawl box and i got Griff

  • Not to brag but i got griff first box 😏

  • In like 30 boxes i got griff and somehow spike

  • Совочоочьч вся знфлюплючмрсвлрасдтвсбтывю выювл

  • Ben u are right i support vode bt1 i dont know how but when i opend box and i got bayron Thank u ben☺️☺️☺️

  • One big box easy

  • I got spike when I wanted griff but I like spike more I was just expecting griff more

  • i opened 100 mega box and 40 big box and noting accept carl :(((

  • Wow what an opening 👏

  • He must be the owner of brawl Stars

  • I actually did pull Griff out of my first big box :)

  • I got o to my acc for like the first time in a week the day that griff released and i pulled him the first big box i opened

  • I killed your second account. My team won that game. Regards, ImStoopidRight

  • I wish i got amber!

  • I starcode bt1

  • Bruh griff not really hard to pull cause I pulled him out of a big box when I was done with my pass,and it was my first big box

  • Gyes please please help me what if I support a code will happen because am byeing money

  • BT1 I got gale in a big box in brawl stars

  • Me just standing there in the corner, who unlocked Griff in a box by accident. (I wanted a gadget 😳)

  • I got griff in 1 big box

  • I got grif in 1minits in the game

  • What funny is that after griff came out i opened 1 mega box and got my favorite brawler amber


  • i got griff on third box

  • Ben when I started watching you I made my own channel

  • Guys i have the cursed account i got al the legendari and rare but i don't have al the super rare or a single mythic epic chromatisch

  • I got him on my first big box of the day

  • why are people so lucky, i am at 13000 trophies but I need 4 legendaries, all the mythic,griff and bell