ONE BOX.. ONE BUZZ PULL!!! (and triple legendary pull 🤯)

Publicado em 22 Jun 2021
Brawl Stars Chromatic Brawler Buzz Pull From One Brawl Box? | BenTimm1
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Today we open 1 box from ALL of my Brawl Stars accounts to see if we can pull Buzz from One Box!!! After we max Buzz out!!

0:00 - Intro
0:12 - One Box One Buzz Tries
4:17 - Free Mega Box openings x26
5:48 - Buzz Tier 30 Mega Box Openings
7:52 - Maxing Buzz
8:21 - Free Brawl Pass Giveaway

Remember to use code 'BT1' in the Brawl and Clash Shop!
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  • #8GY0J99VR

  • #28U2QJOJL



  • #999RRRQRJ

  • #8CRCOVVJ i want the brawl bass cuz i like ash

  • #9JUCRQ9RV

  • I want brawl pass idont have facebook becuse im 8 years old i love you ben you are the best youtuber i subscribe to you

  • Sans calboii6 I want to win because I'll give my bro the account because this is his favourite game

  • Hello there! I saw that you maked a lot of accounts so I wanted to ask how you did it. I was trying to make but on the end I maked only one mini account. I was trying to make more then one but i didnt know how. Can you tell me how to make more?

  • Hi

  • I supported by1

  • As soon as I heard "We have 26 accounts," I spiritually fell off my chair....

  • how do you make a new accont

  • As long as I watch my cry of my favorite 😭😭

  • I got buzz

  • ,my name in brawl satrs is uzf Jeff

  • I want Buzz because it amazing and cool

  • #2LYR8JCP9

  • I want the Brawlpass because Buzz ist just so cool and strong and the surfer Carl skin is totally cute . die gga Gamertag : #22Q82RGLG

  • give me your luck i played for 1year and dont have a legendary

  • itay.r


  • Do you give these accounts away? If not you should use subscribers account I wish I had any extra characters

  • My code is 200ULRPUJ and I want my first legendary

  • me pls I'm killer

  • Bruh I have like 10 accs and no acc has a legendary

  • My luck has been terrible

  • I really want to win that brawl pass so here's my player tag #2UJ822CJG

  • Bt1 is the luckiest code I got crow with that love u bro

  • Can you be my friend in brawl stars and my name is hugo and I sent you a friend request

  • My code is #lolv8rqpo and I want to win the giveaway because I have never had a single brawl pass and I started yesterday and you are the first brawlstars BRdown’s I have ever watch

  • إستمر يا أسطورة keep going legend

  • 0:32 lol it looks like a mega box lol

  • My is #YGCYPQVCJ I want to win a brawl pass because I am a fan of your content and it would just be nice anyway regardless thanks so much for the content ❤️

  • Please give acount

  • How do you make a new account

  • I want to win bicose i just lost acaunt whit spike i had 20k trophies #YY98COL8J

  • I open a mega box and I got 5 but I got amber

  • #9JY88GRYY please 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • I am only 8 year's old n it's my Birthday.. I so need it.. 😍😍

  • My code #28QUY2PJ

  • I want brawl pass because it is my birthday

  • player tag: COVID - 19 buzz is so crack

  • Polporuc that's my tag

  • I want the ball pass cause I never got one


  • 0:46 muzic name? @BenTimm1

  • Gamer tag ninjabear

  • #92R9UPGR I want the pass becaus i im getting close to maxing my account but i really need more cons and i cant keep u with all the new brawlers so i really want the pass

  • #tomar753

  • I am a kid ovant it sove bad 😞

  • I do not tveter

  • Hey Ben First of all I am a huge fan My tag is 892V9PUCL I would rlly want the brawl pass as I’ve never had it before and also I really want buzz and I’m a huge fan and I watch all your vids

  • POV: I'm going to add ben because he just told all of us his code


  • “Swaggy Surge.”



  • Buzz is swag

  • I unlocked him yesterday under him the megabox

  • I want buzz and Squeak

  • devesh


  • try again#8vrror28r I need the brawl pass to have upgrade more of my brawlers and if you buy it to me ill start making videos for brawl stars❤️❤️❤️

  • 2VP289JVR


  • #Y9lppvqcp so wat now u know just waiting

  • Prepmeerkat121#9POPLOGOL - I am a F2P player and only had 2 brawlpasses (gale and lou). I have been playing since October 2019 and almost have 15k trophies with two lengendaries (leon and spike). I would really appreciate the brawlpass.

  • I need your luuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!

  • Give me brawl pass plss

  • Player tag is p09vopg8g

  • Hu

  • #PYURUUJC9 I want brawl pass because I never have brawl pass before it

  • #98QPCUJG

  • Man I wanna win brawl pass beacause my brother teases me and he has got brawl pass #PPUCC9JOV


  • I knew he had 3 accounts or something, But 26 is 🤯

  • I'll happily enter the Brawl pass thing. #QYPGUV8

  • Not only Surge is swag buzz also is

  • Me! My tag is #PQU8OU2QL in capital also USE STARCODE BT1!!! LET'S Gooo (if it doesn't work then then next to the 8 it must be a 0)

  • How I only got Lou pico Roso Leon and squeak

  • #P88VCQC0Y

  • Can I have one account lmao

  • I cant emagine the amount of emails he made just for this

  • You QR2Q mi es 8P0C8CRP. Name e’s Khcoolmr Ej hope Kan have Brawl pas😁


  • 99982c2yy is my account id and I never got any brawl pass I am using code bt1

  • My account tag is #8YGLVJYQJ The reason I want brawl pass is buzz. He is so op brawler and I have never bought a brawl pass so it would be my first experience. Hope I win this giveaway.

  • PLS. Can someone tell me what's this music's name? 0:20

  • PlZ give me

  • #YPP92RJY2

  • U know he edits it every single time

  • Hi

  • I actually got amber out of a brawl box (not mega or big)

  • i subcribed

  • Exciting

  • #V82QVQ08

  • #PJ2CR2Y0C , I would like to give reason but I have 4% battery

  • it's imposible, people can't unlock buzz in a megabox, he's unlock in the brawl pass lvl 30, IT'S TOTALY IMPOSIBLE