What Brawler Does 100k Damage Fastest!? 🔫

Publicado em 23 Set 2021
Brawl Stars Every Brawler 100k Damage Test! | BenTimm1
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Today we use all 50 Brawlers to see who can deal 100000 damage the fastest!

0:00 - Intro
0:10 - Shelly 100k Damage
0:42 - Razer Gaming Finger Sleeves
1:38 - Ash 100k Damage
2:18 - Griff 100k Damage
2:43 - Jessie 100k Damage
3:08 - Buzz 100k Damage
3:30 - Squeak 100k Damage
3:53 - Stu 100k Damage
4:07 - Colonel Ruffs 100k Damage
4:33 - Belle 100k Damage
4:51 - Edgar 100k Damage
5:08 - Mortis 100k Damage
5:29 - El Primo 100k Damage
5:51 - Barley 100k Damage
6:08 - Frank 100k Damage
6:29 - Spike 100k Damage
6:48 - Tick 100k Damage
7:09 - Darryl 100k Damage
7:29 - Penny 100k Damage
7:44 - Sprout 100k Damage
8:06 - Brock 100k Damage
8:28 - Nani 100k Damage
8:55 - Dynamike 100k Damage
9:09 - Gene 100k Damage
9:22 - Rico 100k Damage
9:41 - Mr P 100k Damage
9:56 - 8 Bit 100k Damage
10:07 - Jacky 100k Damage
10:27 - Surge 100k Damage
10:44 - Carl 100k Damage
11:00 - Amber 100k Damage
11:37 - Bea 100k Damage
11:49 - Colt 100k Damage
12:03 - Bull 100k Damage
12:15 - Emz 100k Damage
12:31 - Max 100k Damage
12:46 - Rosa 100k Damage
13:00 - Piper 100k Damage
13:19 - Crow 100k Damage
13:42 - Nita 100k Damage
13:58 - Bo 100k Damage
14:13 - Poco 100k Damage
14:36 - Bibi 100k Damage
14:46 - Tara 100k Damage
14:59 - Sandy 100k Damage
15:14 - Pam 100k Damage
15:26 - Gale 100k Damage
15:35 - Leon 100k Damage
15:49 - Colette 100k Damage
15:57 - Lou 100k Damage
16:15 - Byron 100k Damage

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  • I know that already that crow will win because I tried it already

  • Stop using gold no hat mortis

  • Brock one was did wrong 😐, If u aim super bit a side, it will charge ur super instantly 🙂

  • 50

  • using frank's super actually does slow you down since it takes longer to perform and you don't charge ammo while performing it

  • Tim has all brawler skins

  • Spikes all the bullets are wasted u noob

  • Ben:see you in a little bit after I'm done smashing this guy for ten minutes

  • 02:35 oh my gosh sound effect 😂😂

  • Rico is better than squeek

  • You când give my 1 acontat ?

  • Pam could use her 2nd gadget to instently fill up her ammo

  • Me watching this video: I wanna die I wanna die I wanna die I wanna die I wanna die I wanna die I wanna die I wanna die I wanna die I wanna die I wanna die I wanna die I wanna die I wanna die I wanna die I wanna die I wanna die I wanna die I wanna die

  • I love ninja just appears when ben gets to ninja ash

  • 100000000000 rockets

  • Try Meg ones I bet it is going to be painful I am saying painful 😓

  • I think you recorded that video 10 days lol RIP

  • You can push the bot with bibin into the two close walls and make the bubbles its faster

  • Cwo

  • Oooo yeah

  • For Jacky, it takes her 56 attacks to finish the bot (Ben pls love me I'm using code BT1 and I actually got Meg 5th day(no jokes))

  • 16 rockets

  • Tic could hit robot with that mine and finish later

  • Nice experiment

  • Does anyone play Mortal Kombat mobile if so can I have a account

  • U can fly away with paiper

  • Carls super saves you time btw.

  • I was thinking of crows super when i saw this video😂

  • Worst video ever he used no hat gold mortis😤

  • i was really waiting for poco 😂😂

  • I still have no idea why u need finger sleeves not like Ur a sweat and if u do wow what a tryhard

  • Just spam Rico's super on the robot

  • bruh you messed on so many of them

  • with penny if you replace your turret then it will end by shooting 4 cannon balls MAY BE I DONT HAVE ITS STAR POWER 😂😂😥

  • do the 2 star power with ash!

  • Tom, Pat, Oj, Rey,kairos,Nat ,Lex and Nat are better than Ben

  • I dont like Ben


  • Buzz would of done better if he did not use his super at all

  • Crow

  • crow is the fastest, in less than 10 sec

  • If u put the bot in the perfect spot front of the swamp u can kill bot with bubbles faster than crow

  • noop

  • Lets just respect how much pain he went through for making this video.

  • Gene finally not the last

  • Ben Mortis super can go through walls and hit the bots top right

  • Yoo he referenced one piece

  • Bentimm 1 I found you in brawl stars I am your fan but I invite you to play with me and you always decline my invitation 🙁😭😭😭 I am korobi I invited you 1 month ago

  • Btw it was unfair for rico he lost 6 seconds

  • Homie referenced Impel Down arc

  • Crow

  • With surge you could’ve used his star power and his fourth stage and shoot against the wall

  • Rico -30 second

  • You are a nice and good man I like you ❤❤❤❤

  • Nice

  • I have a razer mouse

  • He was just showing his golden skins

  • You should have used bad karma for emz

  • It's crow

  • I tried with ash at power 1.Is very slow to defeat .More of 2 minutes.I`med boring when tried.Sorry why i typed wrong.I love your brawl stars videos.

  • Can i be in your friend list please 🥺🥺

  • I think crow will win

  • I'm at 2:10 lemme tell you this! Crow had that in the bag before it even began

  • if you do it right, squeak can defeat the bot in under 18 seconds, making him 2nd place

  • In the surge part, if you aim correctly on the wall, you can hit all the little shoots. I causes 5600 per hit

  • Let’s goooo I was 8k like!

  • Now

  • Crow easy win or spike easy win vote

  • 1Beillion

  • You would be able to chain mortise super if you hit the bot above aswell

  • do it better with r c o by shot the corner

  • This is cool and all but the accuracy isn't perfect and you've just copied kairos's boss test on his Olympics. I'm no kairos fanboy but don't copy I could be wrong about it but ya

  • I say my sis she have to use code bt1 and she use it :))

  • BTW brock first gadget is better because he can chain supers auto aim

  • Волт от стенки даёт 4900 урона

  • spike actually does 5k per hit u gotta shoot right place

  • Ur comments on meg?

  • Yeah its crazy that christmas is close

  • 3:50 Squeak? more like *Squick*

  • You should do every brawler vs swarm bots I did it before

  • Lex would be proud

  • 😎

  • 13:09 🤨📸

  • Heheheh

  • 😝

  • Lol

  • 78

  • Ther note ckardz three manny

  • Ben: see you in a bit after smashing this guy for ten minutes

  • use 1st gadget brock and knok bot into wall

  • Awesome

  • Wrong title alert! Not 100k its 10k

  • My brain:Def crow cuz I tested

  • Well, no surprise ;) 😎 (NO SPOILERS)

  • No swag music when u put on the swag glasses?

  • Team spike

  • If you use the wall with surge you can deal 5k per shot

  • i have 3 special pins

  • lmao i was doing this for 2 hrs yesterday bruhh

  • You did Brock wrong you can push the bot to the wall with his jumping gadget and then chain infinite supers:/