CAN ROSA SURVIVE vs ALL?! 🤯 (98 tests)

Publicado em 5 Ago 2021
Brawl Stars Can Rosa Super Survive VS All Brawlers | BenTimm1
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Today we use Rosa and her Super vs Every Brawlers Main Attack and Super to see how many times she lived or dies!

0:00 - Intro
0:20 - Rosa Super vs Byron
0:44 - Rosa Super vs Lou
1:09 - Rosa Super vs Colette
1:28 - Rosa Super vs Gale
1:55 - Rosa Super vs Sandy
2:21 - Rosa Super vs Max
2:37 - Rosa Super vs Tara
2:59 - Rosa Super vs Bibi
3:18 - Rosa Super vs Pam
3:40 - Rosa Super vs Rosa
3:56 - Rosa Super vs Emz
4:20 - Rosa Super vs Poco
4:40 - Rosa Super vs Bo
5:11 - Rosa Super vs Nita
5:36 - Rosa Super vs Shelly
6:03 - Rosa Super vs Leon
6:23 - Rosa Super vs Crow
6:50 - Rosa Super vs Piper
7:18 - Rosa Super vs Bull
7:34 - Rosa Super vs Colt
7:55 - Rosa Super vs Surge
8:18 - Rosa Super vs Amber
8:49 - Rosa Super vs Mr P
9:14 - Rosa Super vs Gene
9:35 - Rosa Super vs Bea
9:51 - Rosa Super vs Jacky
10:05 - Rosa Super vs Carl
10:20 - Rosa Super vs 8 Bit
10:37 - Rosa Super vs Nani
11:00 - Rosa Super vs Frank
11:21 - Rosa Super vs Rico
11:40 - Rosa Super vs Dynamike
12:04 - Rosa Super vs Brock
12:28 - Rosa Super vs Sprout
12:43 - Rosa Super vs Penny
13:02 - Rosa Super vs Jessie
13:26 - Rosa Super vs Darryl
13:44 - Rosa Super vs Barley
14:03 - Rosa Super vs Tick
14:25 - Rosa Super vs Spike
14:47 - Rosa Super vs El Primo
15:07 - Rosa Super vs Mortis
15:30 - Rosa Super vs Edgar
15:45 - Rosa Super vs Colonel Ruffs
16:06 - Rosa Super vs Belle
16:30 - Rosa Super vs Stu
16:49 - Rosa Super vs Squeak
17:14 - Rosa Super vs Buzz
17:32 - Rosa Super vs Griff

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  • Sooooo Rosa OP?!!?!?

  • 3:32 me when your mom

  • Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben can U plz friend me in brawl stars?if U don't want to it's fine but if you could I'd appreciate it

  • Not fair on brawlers that spawn things, you can’t attack them

  • 3:33 I have no words


  • REY: Ben, this is, without doubt, my favorite video on ur channel:) BEN: Let's do more Rosa tortures:) ROSA: NOOOOOOO:(

  • Yesss one piece reference!!!


  • Can I plz be in a vid plz Ben I only need 5 brawlers so plz I would love to be in one

  • i dont like how bt1 say 5o8 not 508

  • The one piece reference with Byron's super 😮

  • Rosa is the only brawler who can survive shelly's super

  • Hii ben You are just op No word to describe your video

  • And chippys died

  • Chippys didn't got out Seth got out

  • I just realized when the pam super he sound lowkey sus

  • Try with Nani's 2nd star power it's better

  • Ben seems like he is sooo relaxed even if he is in somthing that might make him lose and it also seems like hes a cheater cause he would have dies on almost every singke one cuz he said only 1 attack and to me he seems a bit unfair (and when i mean a bit i mean alot)

  • Hate you


  • One emz shot twice u coulda survived

  • Wait how is is fair that the brawlers can use their main attacks multiple times rosa can't defend against 9 other people shorting multiple shots at her that's unfair

  • Leon super Leon peace Rosa?????

  • shelly haven't use all thier super

  • Milk 64 did 2

  • 3:32 😳

  • In rosa VS tick super the first tick head to explode caused all the others to detonate at the same time which just looks really cool

  • Rosa vs all gadgets???

  • 1:57 Ben announces rule changes Some rounds: we don't do that here

  • Rosa got put in a blender 10:14

  • Rey be like this is my fav video

  • look at the ground at 14:19

  • 0:39 I never knew u were one piece fan .my g


  • 12:15 , 81 rockets right there

  • Please play what Rp8oo please

  • 2:20 pictures taken before a disaster Pause the vid.

  • Me regalas una cuenta donde tengas a mortis

  • 3:55 ah ah ah

  • so BT1,literally said 'gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo' 98 TIMES!!

  • Why did you make it 1 main attack make it 2 main attacks

  • Do you love one piece Ben?

  • Should have live emz main attack but one fired twice

  • 3:33 sus moment👀

  • I think he lived alot because it’s only 1 lololololo

  • 3:29 kinda sus😏

  • bruh milk 74 attacked twice in the rosa vs emz

  • Rosa op

  • Hey I saw a cheater I think yeah the one's that don't do damage so satisfying

  • on the emz one the emz on the bottom left fired 2 hair rosa should have lived

  • Very satisfied

  • 3:31 wth

  • Please can tou use Nani super 👍

  • 3:48 you could have said to the other to put second Rosa starpower

  • WOW!

  • Whybdid you go close for shelly bruh

  • I love this video :33

  • rosa vs amber was an overkill since one full amber bar deals over 10k dmg which is in total 100k+

  • 10:52

  • hey guys what is the bt1 discord server called I want to join???

  • the tick heads it looked like rosa left the game XD

  • Lived:62 62÷2=31😂😂😂

  • How about doing this for Nani??

  • 6:30 thats something new...

  • i see a spicytoast🤯

  • there is a video In your chapters

  • Imagine in solo with 9 of the same brawlers teaming

  • Holaaa

  • if ruffs gets his super with the main attack shouldn't 8 bit?

  • Spooky dont atack when was 8 bit turn so...

  • While watching this video i got a ad of Brawl stars And i already have it

  • 3:55 milk used 2 attacks

  • 3:32 - 3:38 Ben sounds real sUs 😕

  • 7:30 la violaron jajaja

  • My question is how did he come in the middle because it was surrounded by water

  • Spike damage more

  • People underestimate Lou's damage he deals more damage than Bibi and she is considered a high dps brawler

  • wow

  • Pov: you watched the hub 3:31

  • Carl be like: *agressive hp melting sounds*

  • 1:19 wow

  • One of the 8-bits didn't attack you during the main attack test. And you didn't done it with 8-bit's super

  • 3:32 these noises.....

  • Rosa be like🤪🤪😆😄💙

  • Nulls brawl?

  • BT1 did live against EMZ main attack but Milk64 attack twice killing BT1

  • You should do this with damaging gadgets

  • 6:30 ???

  • i am brasil, your video is really cool even if i can't understand you

  • one of the emz cheated


  • Wa ga online si ben

  • 3:32 is very sussy indeed

  • Satisfaction in this video 🤩

  • I need to tell sad news The sad news is i lost my account with 16k trophy now I need to do everything:(...

  • 12:59 so satisfying

  • Yes the edgar i have been waiting for edgar super!, is so satifaying 🤩🤧😮

  • 15:56 colonel ruffs class air strike