0 Trophies to 1000 Trophies AT ONCE with ASH!!

Publicado em 4 Set 2021
Brawl Stars Ash From 0 Trophies to 1000 Trophies at once! | BenTimm1
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0:00 - Intro
0:14 - Gemming Ash to Max
0:25 - Unlocking Update Skins
0:45 - 0 Trophy Ash Games
2:17 - 250 Trophy Ash Game
3:32 - 500 Trophy Ash Game
5:58 - 750 Trophy Ash Game
7:13 - 900 Trophy Ash Game
8:50 - Gemming Ninja Ash Skin
9:00 - 1k Ash Matches

Huge Thanks to for the 1000 Trophy Ash Help:
Synergy - synergybs1
Spicytoast - spicytoastbs
Barsam - barsamBS
and everyone else along the way!

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  • Ok so Ash isnt OP or terrible imo… just very average! What are your thoughts on him?!

    • i think bt1 NOOB

    • hes op

    • Better then frank I would give b+

    • i have him

    • not op? almost 2000 damage at first level, his ulti makes also close to 2000 and manages to beat most tanks, how is that average? he even is the characther with the most wins worldwide

  • I have ash toooo lol

  • Do the same challenge with randoms! I bet it takes forever!

  • I recently came back to brawl stars and I love your videos they got me back into the game I love you vids

  • bro you spell much money do not do this again

  • bentimm talking about ninja and not playing Naruto music in the background

    • all caps = real

    • and also cuz my name is DUDEMAN

    • cuz I have rank 30 mr p B)

    • holy crap on minute 11:50 theres a mr p named dudeman thats a fake only me is real dudeman

  • Hi guys. I am a newcomer playing for 2 weeks and trying to rank 30 colt. So far I am at 702 but there are too many campers. Any advice?

  • Tell me how ash Isent is trash but he is trash

  • did u watch naruto BEN ??! cuz u said "ninjutsu" while u transform to ninja ash

  • "Ash isnt op" Ash:hold my byron snake oil

  • Ash is overpowered

  • Ash is pretty trash... I can destroy him with any ranged brawler. But I play only duo showdown so idk how he is in 3v3

  • Kupiš mi gemy 2000

  • im grinding ash rn and im at rank 13 so far with power level 5, and almost at 250 thorpies

  • I’m getting this pass can’t wait almost maxed out💪🏿

  • I made my second montage (2055):@

  • Can you help me to push a brawl on 1000 or 900 my highest brawler is 850 and i have 33K

  • 👍🏻 good job

  • He is op

  • Stop spamclicking please its so ennoying if u shoot when u have no shots it takes longer

  • I seen this

  • Who else looks onto bens BRdown to see the videos they haven’t finished

  • On sept. 4 is my birthday!!!

  • Ash's star power icon is like Berserker.

  • It would be way more useful for me, if you would do something for your push and not let 2 others do all the work all the time 😅 I haven’t seen how to play ash at high trophy’s you could have used every brawler with that teammates Do it with randoms

  • *Like this, who want ASH!! ❤*

  • My dad bought me the pass today❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗

  • ben's so underrated. love his content

  • Ash with bron is op

  • If he gets a star power in the near future he would be a tier in bounty I feel like ash is just a search and destroy character especially with thatbsupe of his

  • Bentimm 1 :MY KIlL MY KILL me: Behavior Rage

  • 0>1000

  • which is the best brawler

  • Me don't have ash- But I like your videos Ben Me like got belle- But you got loads of brawlers...

  • Ash to the trash

  • YOU PAID TO WIN . That no fun I really thought you was gonna grind for it 🤦‍♂️

    • he grinded for the trophies. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT????!!!!

  • Ok ymol....✨rlu ilu

  • Make u rank 35 videos with brawlers

  • Ash is actually a really good brawler, he’s like Nita plus surge all in one

  • 1:22 that tick his health is as much as p9 tick wth

  • Me pushing any brawler to 1000. My mother: should i help you my child........ Yess maa. Mum continues: child with your bones our somthing.🤣🤣

  • Ash is really annoying to fight

  • That’s what I am to tear the way to Asher

  • Ash is so op

  • That games were so quick bcz u cleared the matchmaking. YOu played so often that you already facet every high trophy enemies so you only got like 700 trophy enemies

  • WOW super

  • Ninja ash no BORNBWD BUZZ yea

  • OMG👉👀👈

  • I have a good suggestion for you- plsss push tick's trophy 0 to 1000

  • i remember stu was like 10 hours


  • I want to be ninja........ Ash(:

  • Hai

  • Yea ben u trampled me in the leaderboard😔💔

  • I buy season but i dont like ash

  • Omg thats amaizing i have ash too!

  • I think that was oj

  • Ben has gotten some experience with OJ

  • Me regalas una cuenta donde tengas a mortis

  • awsome video bro

  • Ben actually knows what named pins in brawl stars?

  • BT1i💙 you

  • How in the world do you have so much gold???

  • He pretty good

  • 0 to 1000byron when

  • You gained a new subscriber:)

  • Again the trash puns like kairos

  • Dang last time I played for like a year or so ago. There's so many new characters.

    • @Karan47 Brawlers are characters idiot.

    • Brawler idiot

  • i feel so bad for ben he uses so much money just for views and our entertainment lets show him some respect and love SUBSCRIBE!!!!! LIKE!!!! and BT1 IN THE ITEM SHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • All content creators : Ash is ok Me in the corner because I buy brawl pass this season: :,-)

  • Braziloans friends

  • Nic3

  • do rank 35

  • halo bang

  • guys i want but this brawl pass should i do that or not?

  • Show us ur Every skin in brawl star and pins

  • I just want to tell you I used to watch you a long time ago you made me happy ever second I watched your Clash Royale game play it’s sad seeing me grow up but I have remembered you ever since. I’m 16 now I watched u when I was 11 man I miss those days

  • is ash worth it?

  • I have rank 25 ash

  • Ash is good brawler

  • Why did u use the default sad pin? Whatever happened to brawl pass pins

  • brdown.net/top/fZLRoLbQnmaisLg/video 🦦

  • brdown.net/top/fZLRoLbQnmaisLg/video 🦦

  • brdown.net/top/fZLRoLbQnmaisLg/video 🦦

  • brdown.net/top/fZLRoLbQnmaisLg/video 🦦

  • In 1 day rnk 30 ash wow

  • please make a video over new creator code please

  • This man, has 1 million gold 🤯

  • No one: Ben: Dosen't change his profile thing

  • Should have put on Naruto headband for ninja-ash

  • Name AK_MR_SOUL

  • My id #YL9JROCRU

  • Can u give me friend req

  • Bt1 I'll give you friend req you have so many friend req pending

  • SpicyToast got r30 leon and u got r30 ash! GGS

  • the wheel is like in every single video, ash is good but he is differently not the bet brawler their is but he is good

  • Push bryon to rank 35 next

  • The fact that ben is wondering , is his teamates OP ? or the brawler ? or the mode and map ? but he didn't see it , ben is OP

  • What club are u in

  • My friend got wizard barley in less than a day in total lol