ASH vs EVERY BRAWLER 🤯 (pro 1v1)

Publicado em 25 Ago 2021
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Brawl Stars Ash vs Every Brawler as a Pro | BenTimm1
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Today we play Ash in Brawl Stars and take on EVERY Brawler in a 1v1 vs A Pro Player Tom ! How will the New update Brawler Ash fair vs all brawlers in a top pros hands!

0:00 - Intro
0:11 - Ash Overview
0:49 - Raid: Shadow Legends
2:23 - Ash vs Mortis 1v1
2:56 - Ash vs Rosa 1v1
3:25 - Ash vs Darryl 1v1
3:58 - Ash vs Gene 1v1
4:27 - Ash vs Penny 1v1
4:55 - Ash vs Spike 1v1
5:13 - Ash vs 8 Bit 1v1
5:37 - Ash vs Nita 1v1
5:58 - Ash vs Mr. P 1v1
6:54 - Ash vs Edgar 1v1
7:18 - Ash vs Lou 1v1
7:38 - Ash vs Leon 1v1
8:15 - Ash vs Jessie 1v1
8:27 - Ash vs Bibi 1v1
8:52 - Ash vs Byron 1v1
9:15 - Ash vs Barley 1v1
9:38 - Ash vs Squeak 1v1
9:55 - Ash vs Crow 1v1
10:09 - Ash vs Emz 1v1
10:33 - Ash vs Shelly 1v1
11:07 - Ash vs Nani 1v1
11:33 - Ash vs Colette 1v1
11:54 - Ash vs Max 1v1
12:23 - Ash vs Buzz 1v1
12:40 - Ash vs Colt 1v1
12:56 - Ash vs Carl 1v1
13:13 - Ash vs El Primo 1v1
13:39 - Ash vs Stu 1v1
14:17 - Ash vs Sandy 1v1
14:50 - Ash vs Bo 1v1
15:08 - Ash vs Frank 1v1
15:34 - Ash vs Sprout 1v1
15:54 - Ash vs Brock 1v1
16:21 - Ash vs Tick 1v1
16:41 - Ash vs Ash 1v1
17:12 - Ash vs Belle 1v1
17:34 - Ash vs Piper 1v1
17:50 - Ash vs Surge 1v1
18:16 - Ash vs Bull 1v1
18:31 - Ash vs Colonel Ruffs 1v1
18:46 - Ash vs Tara 1v1
19:01 - Ash vs Bea 1v1
19:23 - Ash vs Gale 1v1
19:40 - Ash vs Griff 1v1
19:55 - Ash vs Jacky 1v1
20:21 - Ash vs Rico 1v1
20:35 - Ash vs Poco 1v1
20:55 - Ash vs Pam 1v1
21:22 - Ash vs Amber 1v1
21:42 - Ash vs Dynamike 1v1
22:07 Ash vs Ash 1v1 Rematch

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    • Lol

    • Channel Name : HL Gamer - Brawl Stars Category : Gaming Support😭♥️

    • I have questions, you in Tribe Gaming team, or what? I see down on screen in you video his logo!

    • Do ash super 100 times

    • Bt1 ples10$gems of brawl stars😭😭😭

  • Tom is playing like a bot

  • Go to the beginning and spam rewind

  • Guy, who plays on Darryl, is noob

  • that play tom 😱😱😱

  • I like this kind of test. Its not just that test where you make Ash and the other brawler stand still and mash the attack button, gadget and their super. Its just a normal fight.

  • Originally ash could have defeated surge if you played right I literally defeated 6 powerful surge with ash

  • Raid shadow legends crap

  • Ash vs ash Who was win? Ash

  • Missing like every hit, wtf is this sh*t?

  • Uri Size is the better brother exist it was your trust is the most girls brother ever


  • 14:00 that guy is so op with stu

  • So basically never auto-aim with ash

  • He needs a range and damage buff

  • You can actually hear Tom yelling nooo when he loses

  • My brother has the same gold Barley as Tom lol

  • Me regalas una cuenta donde tengas a mortis

  • WHATS THE SPONSER? OH WAIT ITS raid shadow legends…. Mememememememe

  • El primo is good .

  • Only thing thats sucks on this channel is the raid advertising. I mean the ad alone is okay. But Ben saying : for those of you haven't heard of Raid.... Cmon dude everyone is throwing up by only hearing it nowadays. :(

  • 11:19 ben lost 😂

  • этот окчкарик играть не умеет

  • Ash în germany be like

  • Op

  • Tommmmm is so bad

  • 2vs8

  • Ash is the stupidest brawler brawl stars has creates! ASH IS TRASH! DONT BUY SEASON 8 BRAWL PASS!!!

  • Finally the one who agrees

  • Bt1 use null brawl because null brawl has ash and all new skin season 1 to 8


  • This is fake Ash wasn't out 6 days ago

  • My name is mortisop1234

  • Ben can u play with me fortnite plz bro

  • Bentimm1 pls accept my request on ur club plsss 🙌👏

  • I thorugh he would buy all the pass brawl with ash ninja


  • Bro u suck at aiming that is why u can't kill them i usually auto aim with broken brawlers

  • 5v5! Bring it back!

  • Fun fact ash and 8_bit have the in there pins they have the same eyes and mouth

  • Noob bt1

  • Spell lex code in the shop

  • Trash but remove tr then is ash lol

  • Ash is not so good

  • He is trash bc he is tr-ash

  • In brawl talk Ash health was 7280 why your max Ash 6720

  • Fun fact:Tom would win penny if he had on pocket detonator at the end

  • i am a new fan

  • 15:52 tom doesn't play showdown? Hmm, i think he plays showdown in all of his videos

  • Is ash worth Pulling?

  • Ash is trash🗿

  • Ash is op in some brawlers against whom he lost,he could beat them if u could handle ash properly

  • Can me and my Darryl play soccer brawl with you?

  • Are u on a club bt1?

  • what win27 loss23 what ang giang

  • Bot tom😑

  • Change my mind that wasnt well played by both at some point

  • he shooting auto spam continuously. It's normal to lose

  • The win - loss counter is 1 off he messed up on 1 of them where he won against Jacky

  • Can you help me I want more accounts on brawl stars

  • как огн убил френка у него хп больше новые всегда сильнеее

  • леон доказал что они все таки леон

  • Ash is so weak...😐

  • Tom is sooo noooooooob

  • Benjamin Timmers!!

  • But anyone reject my request

  • I have send now

  • How do creators gets brawlers before release?

  • How you have ash

  • When me misses like 10 attacks against gene because of auto aim

  • Hey Ben I was just in a Showdown Plus match and I saw you were also in the same match playing as Tick! So fun to actually be in a game with you and thanks for awesome consistent content!

  • you are so bad 4:00

  • How can play with him

  • BT1 is sussy baka

  • Fun fact: Ash is the 50th brawler in brawl stars and no one is talking about it. Poor Ash

  • How did you got ash

  • All my brawlers will be 500 trophes ash will be 0 trophies

  • When ash was fighting Jacky ash came number 1 but at the bottom right it counted it as a loss

  • Ok


  • I'm saying ash is ash without his gadgets and star powers and don't forget to read my channel description


  • When you play vs Edgar you shud not go next to Edgar when Edgar damage someone Edgar gets more health

  • Next video take that telporters away that is actually annoying

  • BT1: "This video is sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends" Me: Oh shet!

  • AWESOME!!!!!!


  • 😠

  • Ben timm1 I'm noob invite 😭😭

  • That’s 1v1 wasn’t SO great I mean nobody has played Ash before so… But still he did better than many of us

  • U SUCK!!!!! u could've easily won against penny and gene!!!

  • I'm sorry tom is very noob

  • Video idea:Frank vs every brawler

  • 21:40 ben know it that she doesn't only burns u. she is op and burns everything in her way

  • My favourite brawler is gene

  • GG to Tom for not missing gene pulls

  • Hey Ben,I have a question... Do you team up with other players in your regular games?🤔


  • I thought you were calling Tom the training cave bots 😂😂😂

  • What is your code bentimm1 ?