LUCKY vs UNLUCKY Moments in Brawl Stars… 😱

Publicado em 13 Set 2021
Brawl Stars Are You Lucky or Unlucky in Taking Teleports, Opening Brawl Boxes and Much More! | BenTimm1
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0:00 - Intro
0:13 - Pulling a Brawler From One Box
0:42 - Can I Pick The Right Teleporter
1:34 - Can I Get Good Random Teammates
3:47 - Can I Spawn Next to 20 Power Cubes
5:22 - Can I Pull a Brawler From 25 Mega Boxes
6:39 - Can I Not Spawn In Poison
8:25 - Can I Take The Right Jump Pad
9:33 - Can I Pull A Legendary Brawler
10:32 - Can I Be Fast.....

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  • Did someone hear when BT1 the man said no and bibi said “yeEeEeEaAaAhHh” ? 8:04

  • 128

  • 0:21 mhm how do you have emz power points if you're only at 0 trophies...? You did this on your main?

    • @Salemz11 0:13 you can see he only has 0 trophies so how

    • Not his main, cuz his main is max. Probably a mini with more than 8k trophies

  • How can I getvin one of theses videos like him buying boxes for them or are they his alt accounts

  • Really no no one can the iPad

  • I hate you

  • Ben be like “if he double jumps at all he’s a good team mate” Me: power 7 Dinamike

  • מי שפה ישראלי🇮🇱 שיתן לייק

  • 7:42 he banned edgar lool read chat

  • i got max in my mini acount with 1423 tropie in a brawl box after 1 hit on brawl box on 4 tries

  • 4:52 I dont call this unlucky ... i call it noob

  • Pls a count

  • I don’t think I’ve ever spent money on a mobile game, this feels insane, can’t see myself even being financially stable enough to do this much less invested enough.

  • the fact that i dont hqve a team and i always play with random players in power league and lose 🥲

  • dude ur so lucky im at 7k trophies and still dont have atleast 1 epic i only have squack and gale as my lucky unboxed

  • I typt your code in brawlstars

  • i bout the pass and i am at tier 30 and in the mega box i got colonel ruffs new gadjet plus frank an im juste 2500 trophie and on my other account i got amber at 1500 trophie your the best BenTimm1 i support u

    • brawl stars is the best game EVER

  • bt1 if you are opening a megabox wait till tap tap

  • Bt1 ειναι Έλληνας 😱😱😱😱

  • Very Nice

  • You are epic


  • Please add clash royale content

  • Use code bt1 Because I got crow

  • You see bentimm background is one-piece

  • new subscriber here love it

  • day 1 of asking bt1 to add me #R9L82PC8

  • No hablo tu idioma pero tus videos son geniales y tú eres muy grande

  • I’m in he’s video 🤡 I’m the Amber in brawl ball Dimi Smart

  • Brawler Relays or Buzz golf

  • Even if u ditched me on the second play again i bought 100 dollars with your code hope it helps gg

  • Omg i just played with you in map maker holy moly

  • I love you 😚💗 Bt1

  • I have a lot of Brawlers and i have 10 skins

  • “If he double jumps at all this game, he is definitely a great teammate” BenTimm1 2021, Final words dedicated to the random pwr 7 dynamike who can’t have star power.

    • @Brawl tube Gamer your wasting your time trying to tell me to stop, honestly idc if he ignores them

    • @Brawl tube Gamer atleast he got likes

    • Listen bro you are writing these words for bt1 but he will ignore so plz don't waste your time

  • Hi can you give me gams 💎 to buy piper 🙂👍

  • hi

  • And this video was very nice.

  • Ben the lucky boi

  • I'm am sub and you are the best person

  • I bought the brawlpass today and got ash and the princess Shelly skin but then my first mega box and first box of the day I pulled Leon and then after that Nani

  • "use code bt1" never gets old!

  • If you can give me a brawler on my account I will do everything for you

  • Hi big fan

  • 195

  • Plss "i survive 100 in hardcore brawl stars"plss

  • OP

  • Lucy

  • 1:14 pura pura ngak tau aja

  • Ur lucky

  • Pov ben luck is sucks

  • What red means power cubes

  • Imagine maxed all your brawlers out and completed all gadgets and sp and u only got coins

  • BT1:I didn’t wanna go here Game:Ima prove u wrong

  • He made a whole video just to flex buying true gold nani Swag

  • That Lou got one shoted by bibi super (Lou standing there sleeping ) bibi one shoted him

  • Igot a mythic in brawl box yeyeyye

  • Dude do not bully squeak he is ruffs bro

  • 10:00 Never gonna happen(at least according to my luck) :(

  • MAX! YOOoOoooOooo SUP BRO

  • 65053

  • Me I got a bea in a brawl box


  • 6:55

  • The fact that I only have one legendary at 23k trophies means I am unlucky😅

  • i have 20k trophies with 0 legendary

  • My luck to unluckiness is 9000 to 198477373 I counted my wins too in the luckiness and how for unluckiness i counted all the bad randoms

  • Lol I got a gadget out of my brawl box

  • On the first challenge I got bibi lol

  • Lol raging about no brawlers in 5 boxes Edit: honestly for the type of challenges you made I say having a 10% luck is good

  • This vid is different than the other vids. GREAT JOB BEN

  • Ben u are funny when u lost all money bruh🤑🤑

  • 9:40 i think he forgot to cut that part out lol

  • How you lost with Primo?!

  • تيك

  • Ben=unlucky=10000000000000

  • Ben: *"SUCH A BAD RANDOM BARLEY"* Also Ben: *Rushes Mortis as Brock and completely misses his supers* Me: *Visible confusion*

    • He dies with 19 Cubes lol

    • Wanna play

    • @Ghosterr YT

    • @Bazid Yt I'm a 34k player and I notice absolutely way too many mistakes, and too many inaccurate plays. He really needs to stop blaming his teammates cause he was dying probably the most in his games.

    • I know he blames a lot

  • 3k liker ❤️

  • Normal boxes are never lucky

  • Thanks man. I was waiting for this video the whole day.

  • Lucky~ me i got Leon for small box

  • Ben timm is unlucky 😷😷😷😷

  • Do you love brawlstars as mutch as me?😘

  • if he double jumps at all this game hes instantly a good teammate Legit not even a power 10 dynamike.

  • 1:34 the *REAL* test of luck

  • One piece????????

  • Еј,дали,имаш,грифа

  • I wish i was lucky because seems that every teleporter i have taken so far has send me to death

  • oof

  • Ayy new video

  • Brawl stars is my favourite game

  • Me once being early

  • 🇮🇹


    • @YS!N ah k

    • Nah that was in Season 4 in Season 6 i start getting brawlers

    • You must have gotten stu right?

  • 11:52 Niceee

  • I’ll pay for luck anything…


  • 04:45 ประมาทเป็นเหตุสังเกตไม่ยาก 555

  • Most underrated yet the best😍😁


  • I love your videos