GRIFF vs EVERY BRAWLER!! (240 Tests)

Publicado em 16 Jun 2021
Brawl Stars Griff vs Every Brawler in 5 Tests! | BenTimm1
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Today we use all 49 Brawlers in Brawl Stars vs New Brawler Griff in 5 Different Test, 1v1 Test, 1v1 Everything Test, Splash Dmg Test, Box Test & Range test to see how Griff stacks up to every brawler!

0:00 - Intro
0:23 - Griff Overview
0:41 - Griff vs Jessie Tests
1:26 - Griff vs Squeak Tests
2:10 - Griff vs Belle Tests
2:51 - Griff vs Buzz Tests
3:30 - Griff vs Byron Tests
4:06 - Griff vs Lou Tests
4:45 - Griff vs Edgar Tests
5:20 - Griff vs Colonel Ruffs Tests
5:59 - Griff vs Stu Tests
6:29 - Griff vs Sandy Tests
7:00 Griff vs Max Tests
7:23 - Griff vs Bibi Tests
7:45 - Griff vs Mortis Tests
8:12 - Griff vs El Primo Tests
8:36 - Griff vs Spike Tests
8:59 - Griff vs Pam Tests
9:26 - Griff vs Rosa Tests
9:51 - Griff vs Emz Tests
10:17 - Griff vs Brock Tests
10:51 - Griff vs Tick Tests
11:17 - Griff vs Barley Tests
11:42 - Griff vs Shelly Tests
12:12 - Griff vs Colette Tests
12:39 - Griff vs Gale Tests
13:06 - Griff vs Darryl Tests
13:40 - Griff vs Penny Tests
14:11 - Griff vs Nani Tests
14:41 - Griff vs Tara Tests
15:08 - Griff vs Poco Tests
15:34 - Griff vs Bo Tests
15:56 - Griff vs Sprout Tests
16:28 - Griff vs Dynamike Tests
17:01 - Griff vs 8bit Tests
17:32 - Griff vs Nita Tests
18:15 - Griff vs Leon Tests
18:43 - Griff vs Crow Tests
19:18 - Griff vs Rico Tests
19:44 - Griff vs Frank Tests
20:11 - Griff vs Colt Tests
20:33 - Griff vs Piper Tests
21:04 - Griff vs Bull Tests
21:36 - Griff vs Surge Tests
22:02 - Griff vs Carl Tests
22:28 - Griff vs Jacky Tests
22:52 - Griff vs Bea Tests
23:16 - Griff vs Gene Tests
23:40 - Griff vs Amber Tests
24:06 - Griff vs Mr. P Tests

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  • What do you think of Griff?!

  • Grill op

  • osam

  • he called grif grill like 5 times

  • He said grill the hole video

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😹😹😹😹

  • Bruh you said in the vid grill vs byron 1v1

  • But hi use his super in normal 1v1 😈

  • Leon is verter that griff only in that test lose (good video bro)

  • I love how for half the vid he called him grilled cheese

  • Griffs my favorite brawler

  • He looks good but he’s actually one of the wrist brawlers ever in showdown

  • lol he keeps saying grill it’s griff


  • 12:27 shelly?

  • 4:03 why did ben keep saying "grill" what we cooking ben?

  • I doubt it make a difference but roll Darryl in the middle then use his gadget

  • I wish I had griff😭😭😭

  • lol you called him grill for so long it was so funny

  • I watched the video till the end Ben

  • You didn't use poco gagete

  • grill :D

  • Cant wait till grill comes out

  • You think griff

  • Are we gonna ignore the fact that ben called griff "Grill"

  • the tone in which he says "*splash test*" etc is so funny

  • i watched the whole vid

  • U didnt even make the right angle with spike in close range he should have won

  • I bet he makes a new vid about which brawler is the fastest in brawl stars with griff in it !!!!!!

  • I actually watched the hol video whit Mr.p ⬆️⬆️⬆️

  • Griff:I’ll go long Piper:😈

  • He's not available

  • You goofy

  • Grill

  • why was he calling griff grill

  • How are grills so OP?!?!🤣🙂🙃

  • Ben I saw how you didn't give that checkmark to Mr p

  • griff is op!

  • Griff Griff

  • not griff but grill

  • is griff an acctual brawler?

  • I love grill he's my favorite brawler not brawler

  • I can wait for GRILL to come out

  • Where are colt tests

  • Where is

  • Penny won the splash test with her turret

  • He attacked twice with spike at 8:46 instead of 3 times ; like Ben do a better job

  • Mortis won with the boxes, Ben was just too slow activating the gadget

  • Amber vs. Griff, "amber you won by a hair". Gives the point to griff

  • Love how many times he calls him grill instead of griff, but finally noticed it.

  • Ah yes, my favorite brawler, *Grill*

  • yeah he's strong but later they'll reduce everything later 😢 damage and everything

  • 10:48 Why Griff got a point, because Brock broke the boxes faster. ingeniously

  • mom can we have griff we already have grill at home grill at home burn burn burn meat

  • That shields not gonna be good, you’re gonna take the damage approaching the enemy.

  • I knew crow was a terrible brawler

    • Bruh crow is op I want one oegendary but my luck sucks

  • i think that hes supers is actually dollar bills?

  • Amazing

  • Why did ben keep calling griff grill

  • Who’s griff??

  • Saw the entire video it was very boring

  • Buzz is perfect for Emz 🤩🤩

  • Keep the good work up

  • Grill

  • Most of the tests weren’t very accurate

  • U r saying grill I was thought his name was griff


  • Now I’m sad why just 😔😔

  • Griff isn't even in my game

  • 6:29 anyone else catch him say sandy vs stu

  • We need a barbecue griff skin

  • Griff is so good I like his super

  • Giff

  • lol he keeps saying Grill its GRIFF

  • ایران بوک؟

  • 1qqqqaqq

  • Does he still think that buzz punches he blows his whistle

  • #P920GQ8YO

  • Lol

  • Pls 1v1 my and you

  • Kan you do all squek please

  • Rosa the box test she win it

  • What is everyones Trophy Count? I'll start 23.6K

  • Do u do giveaway

  • The worst part of my life is... I got amber but since Brawl Stars banned emulators I can't play Brawl Stars anymore. Sad Life!

  • Grill gonna make some food

  • His losing animations is what happens when your mom doesn’t let you keep the money

  • Soo great

  • Since when has Griff turned into Grill ;-;

  • No one at all: Bentimm: splash ✨tEsT✨

  • Hey Ben I want to join your tribe gaming club but I have low trophy can you allow it to 11000 trophy please

  • The penny box test wasn't fair lol

  • Griff Ashley- never gonna griff you up

  • You were saying grillso much I almost thought it was his name

  • he was never added wdym he is a brawler

  • Grill


  • I like how he names griff grill

  • Just seen one of your ads for a mobile that you clearly lied about. Never thought you'd become one of those fake ass youtuber sellouts.

  • I love ❤️ how you called him grill