0 Trophies to 1000 Trophies AT ONCE with MEG!!

Publicado em 3 Out 2021
Brawl Stars Meg From 0 Trophies to 1000 Trophies at once! | BenTimm1
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0:00 - Intro
0:13 - Gemming Meg to Max
0:51 - 0 Trophy Meg Games
2:09 - 250 Trophy Meg Game
3:21 - 500 Trophy Meg Game
4:11 - 750 Trophy Meg Game
5:27 - 900 Trophy Meg Game
6:55 - 1k Meg Matches

Huge Thanks to for the 1000 Trophy Meg Help:
Gurkhas - Gurkhas_BS
Sang - sang_bs
Synergy - synergybs1
and everyone else along the way!

Remember to use code 'BT1' in the Brawl and Clash Shop!
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  • 1:45 dUde

  • you knew that your author code is being used and they are given good luck

  • Hi bt1

  • Don’t nerf meg

  • how you not blind😂😂

  • Wizard barley is not in the new update even tho it machetes so much brush 😎

  • Nice

  • Joke,, , I’m o

  • isyou waht

  • I played with you

  • Did you see the com ant Ali

  • Es necesario que implementen la denuncia de jugadores, al menos en liga estelar. Esos que simplemente entran a arruinarle la partida a otros quedándose sin mover y moviéndose solo cuando les dice que los van a sacar. No se puede jugar de esa forma. ¡IMPLEMENTEN DENUNCIA DE JUGADORES!

  • ill sub if you do byron push

  • I don't even have 1 of my 49 brawlers over 600 trophies haha

  • Ash 30?

  • Ben can you invide me😃

  • Code : bt1

  • crying man 55 k brdown.net/top/mKXTZdrLp2Kxe6w/video

  • He sucks he is the worst BRdownr I know he does not know how to use Edger

  • Keep up the good work Ben! :)

  • Dude I think I just played agains you, you were using sprout and I was using Nita. My name on there is 🔥 Stoney boney 🔥 that was an intense game man we should play a friendly game so I can show you my true power 😂😂🔥

  • Hi i just got Spike and Squeak in the same three boxes SPIKE WAS OUT OF A BRAWL BOX AND SO WAS MY MORTIS A LONG TIME AGO WTH also its convenient bcs they r the only two brawlers who can hug each other

  • Hey Ben, its been a while since i last watched your videos. I watched your Clash Royal videos back in 2016 when i was 9 years old, and i've been playing Clash Royal since. I really miss watching your Clash Royal videos and so i was wondering if you could start posting some Clash Royal content on your channel just like you used to. Take care and have an amazing day!

  • Nice

  • I’m in your game right now!

  • Amazing non stop playing till 1000 trophies

  • I was in your game

  • Never gonna Meg you up , never gonna Surge down , and never gonna run around like max.

  • You watch one peice bt1 what ep if you watch it?

  • Yo I was just in the same showdown as you and I won you finished 9th

  • Meg is not that OP tbh. Especially if you don’t have both gadget and star power

  • Code bt1 ✊🔥🔥


  • History op

  • Hhh

  • Meg's bot can be called megabot

  • meg isnt good at all

  • I was playing brawl stars today I bought the brawl pass AND I GOT LEON MY FIRST LEGENDARY! 😁

  • I’m at -1940gems lol like I’m legit in the negative

  • I played against u today in power league....:-)


  • I was like is that One piece logo and just realized Bt1 watches anime

  • Your subscribers will decrease

  • Your subscribers will descending

  • I am Arabic

  • 1 like = he is a pro

  • Please leve

  • I love that strawhat piret icon in the back

  • uhh this made me sleep

  • I always use code bt1

  • Pro tip: to kill meg mech fast just use collete

  • This was so fast congratulations!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • he hasn't pushed byron though he has pushed every single other brawler to rank 20

  • Just push Bryan it’s killing me

  • You watch one peace

  • Your pin pack: sad crow, happy sprout, shelly clap.

  • Hey Ben I will help you in your video please give me ur id i Ben will do this for his supporters

  • Sorry1000

  • Ben 100trophies Byron in 8years veiwers devil *noises* All healers 😂😂😂 Byron try some snake oil extract

  • I got 10+11 trophie in your playing plus

  • You are very noob bro, sorry... But 6 hours to do something that I can do in 1 hour, you are not a good player

  • Ben:ima push Meg Rob: Am I a joke to you

  • Nice

  • 40 min

  • Meg: 1k trophy Byron: :( >:c

  • The mecha feels so tanky and hard to kill but he actually just has 7k health that decays pretty quick

  • Go for rank 35 she is so broken

  • brdown.net/top/p5fZjbLHdKhyes4/video

  • Once I got 7 kills in showdown plus and got 24 trophies!

  • I got jems using your code for the brawl pass

  • Bro,I tried this but it was way to hard

  • Bt1 : carrys Oj : gets carried And thats a fact

  • Plz give me a account with all brawlers i dont have anything

  • I got 24 trophies at once

  • 8:54 Gene : Gotcha Bt1: UNO REVERSE CARD

  • Before I watch this I played Brawl Stars after I haven’t played it in a while and I bought surge

  • Him:rank30meg Me:don't have meg

  • Pros have already played meg in nulls brawl

  • Always love these videos keep doing them please :)

  • Will we do a byron push?

  • 11:17 thats why she is a legendary

  • Let's take a moment to appreciate BT1 and how he takes hours of sometimes pain just to make a video! Congrats BT1!

  • Just see his gold it’s 800k

  • Thanks Ben. that code bt1 is insane. I wanted Byron for a very long time. When I just type that code in the shop, Then I opened a Mega Box. I got Rico's gadget and Byron. The code is awesome.

  • I want to sell two Brawl Stars accounts, is there a buyer?

  • I want to sell two Brawl Stars accounts, is there a buyer?

  • Can u beat This? Rank 21 edgar and plus 18 trophies

  • Yo Ben can you give me a shout-out lol I need it

  • When is a QNA ? I am waiting...........

  • I was waiting for this video!!

  • I can see that Ben has been watching Nepeg. Good....

  • I mean Ben without the tank she would honestly not take on everyone

  • I got meg in big box and i'm shock i don't believe it

  • awsome

  • So today was my fist time having encountered Meg in Showdown and I killed her. I find that to be an accomplishment

  • Meg doesn’t feel broken tbh she’s likely top 15 but the balance changes toned her down a ton. She’s very vulnerable getting into super and after exiting mech.

    • Even if she fits into mech before dying main brawlers can deal enough dmg before she attacks to de mech her

  • I hate meg, she has an annoying voice and I love seeing her cry

  • Bt1 I wat to bi a friend of yours in brau stars 🤩🤩

  • Rank 35 push?

  • You also pls PUBG mobile I no